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Best Accessories for Your Bad Hair Days

Every woman has days when she isn’t looking her best. However, there are certain days when you need to pay special attention to your hair. That’s especially during winters when your hair lacks moisture and looks dry and dull. It’s natural to have bad hair days, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best at an event.

If you don’t have time to use styling tools or pay a quick visit to a salon for fixing your hair, just cover your head with some cool and funky accessories. It will save you the time of styling your hair. Here are a few stylish accessories that can turn your bad hair day into a good one. Let’s take a look:


Most women struggle with brittle hair in winters. While that’s absolutely normal, it can lower your confidence and ruin your outfit. That’s when beanies come into the picture. Just wrap your hair into a ponytail, put a beanie on, and you are ready to head out. As good as the beanies look, they don’t make a great accessory for summer and fall. These are only for winters. Besides, beanies don’t really go well with traditional outfits and gowns. This brings us to our next accessory.

Printed Wool Scarves

A cute and customized winter scarf is your go-to hair accessory for just about any event. A vibrant scarf is all you need to cover your hair when you are having a bad hair day. Winter wool scarves look the best on all outfits—from traditional wear to a short dress. You can find a wonderful collection of the latest custom-printed silk scarves, woolen scarves, and other fabrics at Butterfly Whisper. It is your go-to shopping place for trending scarves for women. Now, how you wear the scarf matters as much as the fabric or design of the scarf. It should be wrapped around your head so that your hair is covered.

Bows and Ribbons

The biggest issue with frizzy hair is that they come on your face, ruining your makeup and look. Keep your hair away from your face using ribbons and cute hair bows to tie your hair into a small ponytail. Not only do these accessories look cute and elegant, but these are your go-to hair styling options if you don’t have time for hair styling.

Ear Muffs

Earmuffs is another winter accessory that comes in handy for women having a bad hair day. If the ribbons, bows, and pins do not work, your last resort is these cute, furry headbands. Grab your favorite pair of earmuffs, put them on your head, and tie your hair into a ponytail or whatever style feels comfortable. You could also pair ear muffs with scarves and other head accessories to create a stylish look. Try premium qualify winter scarves with ear muffs for casual days or use customized scarves on special events to cover your bad hair.

Having a bad hair day? No need to worry. Try these vibrant head accessories and you are good to go!

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