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Getting Your Wardrobe Winter Ready

The sun has said its farewell and winter is nearly upon us. While the autumn prepares us for the bitter cold and long dark nights, our summer outfits are taking a back seat in lieu of our winter wardrobes. Having the essentials stocked up and ready to go for those chilly mornings is a must.

Winter isn’t just about bundling up, of course and we’re still allowed to look cute while doing so. You might not have to say goodbye to summer dresses and floaty skirts just yet!

Autumn is a great time to transition your wardrobe. Don’t hang the summer dresses up straight away, instead try pairing them with tights and boots and a stylish jacket in place of your sandals and sunglasses.

Layering is another way to make use of your existing wardrobe without having to switch it up completely. High-necked jumpers and long sleeve shirts work well under dresses and paired with skirts to add that extra layer of warmth.

Investing in some good quality tights and leggings to wear under trousers and skirts is great for those extra-icy days when you need more than a few layers. You can find so many different colours these days, so there are options for every outfit imaginable!

Another great way to warm up your wardrobe is by adding some cosy accessories. A soft woolly hat and a luxury wool scarf that can pair with any outfit are handy essentials to have for when you need that extra bit of warmth.

Winter accessories can really add to the entire outfit if you choose the right ones. Function and form are important and winter is no excuse to let appearances slip! Find something that both fits your style and keeps you toasty to stay looking fashionable all winter long.

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