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Scarf Styles That You Just Can't Miss this season

Summer is here and it is officially the time of using scarves for protecting yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. If you want to buy scarves for women, you need to ensure that you check out different tips and ways that will play an important role in boosting the overall impact.

Your scarf style will play an important role in changing the appearance of your dress. If you no longer want to stick to your general style and want to add some thrill or rather spice to your dressing style, you should consider adding a few important details and one of them surely is a premium quality custom printed silk scarves.

Scarf Styles To DIY

When you buy gifts for her, you should know that you won't get the scarves in their best appearance. If you want to make her feel a little special, you might DIY some of the scarf styles.

However, if you're scared that it wouldn't work out or that the particular style is too tough. Well, don't worry because we've got you covered. Here are some of the scarf styles you should be considering.

● Knotted necklace

This is one of the most classic scarf styles you can try. You can get custom printed silk scarves from Butterfly at affordable rates. Make sure to customize it relating to something you both may be loving.

You should use a lightweight scarf for creating a knotted necklace. You should tie the scarf around your neck as if it was a necklace. The knotted end needs to be on the back, while the pendant one should be on the front.

● The Shawl

If you're using a relatively longer scarf, let's just use it as a shawl. However, if you're going to use the scarf as a shawl, you need to ensure that it is big enough to be draped around your shoulders. Next, you should allow each end to let loose or hang down from every end for better impact.

● French Knot

Believe it or not, but French knot can prove to be extremely beneficial especially with premium quality winter scarves. All you need to do is fold it and put your shoulders around itmb

You should allow one end piece to let loose and then pull it over and under the scarf respectively. Repeat the same process for the other end. You must have seen French braids, the French knots for scarves work in a similar manner.

● False Knot

Pull up a prank and tie a false Knot. However, for tying a false knot you need to wrap the scarf behind the neck and then wrap it carefully around the front. You need to allow the knot to have loose ends so that the knots can be loose too. You need to keep the loop of false knot going so that it appears in the best of its form.

You can purchase the custom printed silk scarves from Butterfly at affordable rates. You need to ensure that you take care of each aspect while buying these scarves.

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