Spring/Summer Colours Trending In 2022

This time of year truly is a wonderful one and there’s nothing quite as exciting as watching the world start bursting with life once again, after a long hard winter.

And, because the weather starts to heat up from April onwards, we can all start hanging up our big coats, hats and gloves for the year, embracing a whole new raft of seasonal trends… so it’s great news for fashionistas, as well!

In terms of colours that are expected to be big news for spring and summer 2022, you’ll be pleased to hear that bright shades appear to be back with a vengeance. If you start rocking the likes of lime greens, hot pinks and butter yellows, you’re sure to look on trend and the very height of fashion, no matter what you’re doing.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to give yourself a style boost is to accessorise cleverly, whether that’s with jewellery, hats or acrylic scarves. A splash of bright colour around your neck is a quick and easy way to bring any outfit alive - and it’s a surefire way to bring compliments your way, as well.

Scarves have long been used by style aficionados as the perfect finishing touch to a look. If you really want to up your style game, take a look at how Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wore theirs. You’re sure to pick up a few ideas for your own sartorial choices!

As Audrey herself once famously said: “When I wear a silk scarf, I never feel so definitely like a woman… a beautiful woman.”

So what about channelling your inner Audrey this spring or summer and incorporating a few stunning scarves into your daily outfit? We’ve love to see how you’re wearing them all - so get in touch to let us know.

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