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Stay Warm This Winter By Layering Clothes And Accessories

Many of us wonder how it is possible to keep warm while staying stylish? It is all too easy to throw on a thick coat and a Siberian-ready hat, but these don’t exactly shout ‘smart and sophisticated’, do they? But you can still stay toasty and be fashionable this winter, as long as you layer.

The mercury feels like it has suddenly dropped over the last few days, and weather experts have predicted there could even be snowfall in some parts of the UK as we head into December.

In fact, Wales, the Scottish Highlands, and the Pennines are all at risk of the white stuff towards the beginning of next week, according to The Mirror.

Therefore, it is time to wrap up as much as you can. The trick to this is to wear layers, as this will allow you to take off what you need when you head indoors and add more when it is cooler.

The Planet D suggests putting on a base layer first that is lightweight and breathable. Although authentic base layers are best, as they wick away sweat from the skin, if you are dressing for a normal day out, you might just want to put on a natural fibre top.

“Try to avoid cotton, as it actually holds moisture and can leave you freezing,” the publication advised.

After this, put on a mid-layer, as this helps to retain body heat and protects from the cold. You don’t need a massive coat if you have a good mid-layer top, particularly ones made of fleece, down and wool.

Finally, an outer layer protects against wind and rain, but this doesn’t have to be big and bulky if you’ve layered underneath.

Don’t forget your accessories either, as a luxury wool scarf can do wonders trapping in heat, while still looking stylish.

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