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Super Stylish Ways to style and tie your scarf

If you're using Butterfly scarves, you may be in search of the best way to tie them. If you said that scarves will play an important role in transforming the look of your entire clothing a few years ago, no one would have believed you. But, now the times have changed.

Scarves are no longer the boring, bland piece of clothing but an exclusive item for clothing. Moreover, the printed wool scarves are one of the most commonly used ones. Believe it or not, but scarves have become one of the most loved clothing accessories for people. Honestly, scarves are extremely versatile, which is why you can use them anywhere and everywhere. They just add a premium shine and beauty to your clothing. You should consider getting your hands on some of the best premium quality scarves from Butterfly at affordable rates.

Best Ways to tie a scarf

Well, if you're planning to tie around the scarf, you don't need to stick to the general ones. You need to have a large square or rectangular piece of scarf so that you can style it in different ways. Well, these scarves are available in various sizes which is why you will want to apply various or a number of knots for the perfect impact.

However, that doesn't mean you can't use short scarves. You surely can use a short scarf as neck tie or use it as the toss and tuck method. Honestly there are too many ways to use the scarves, irrespective of their size. How you tie these scarves will have an important role in determining how you look.

Hence, here are some of the common ways through which you can style your scarf.

The Braid

This is one of the most commonly used ways to tie the scarf. You should fold the scarf in half and eventually place it across the neck and fold it as if it were a braid. You need to ensure that the braid is built in a loop. However, you should make it sure that the braid isn't too loose or too tight. You should keep folding it in a braid pattern until the end of the scarf reaches your hand.

The Cowl

If you're opting for the Cowl, you need to ensure that one end is smaller than the other. Hence, you need to wrap the longer one and tuck it around your neck twice. You should let one end let loose. However, when you're using a scarf for fringe, you need to adjust it carefully and allow it to hang down.

Classic loop

This is one of the most classic looks you can try, and one of the greatest benefits of this is that it is extremely beautiful too. You need to fold the scarf and place it around the neck and allow it to let loose.

No matter what type of scarf style you're using, you need to ensure that you try out the classic looks. Furthermore, you should use the premium quality winter scarves from Butterfly to create the maximum impact.

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