Top Prints For SS22 Fashion

Summer has always been a time you can be brave with your fashion choices, whether that means adding bold colours to your wardrobe or jazzing up your style with lots of prints and patterns. If you’re looking to brighten up your style while it’s warm outside, take a look at the top trends for spring/summer 2022.

  • Vintage prints

Vintage fashion will, ironically, never go out of style, as women always want to recreate retro pieces in their style. This year, ladies are loving psychedelic swirls and geometric blocks of colour from the ‘60s.

Divya Mathur, chief merchant for Intermix, told The Zero Report: “This summer, it’s all about a vintage print. In particular, customers are loving Emilio Pucci-inspired patterns.’

  • Food features

We’ve seen prints with animal figures and tropical flowers on, but now it is time for food to take centre stage. That’s right, scarves, dresses, even trousers will all feature food items this summer, from tomatoes to baguettes and everything in between.

Lisa Buhler, founder of Lisa Says Gah, said food prints are “playful yet totally doable for every day”.

“Our food-related prints are always a hit,” she added.

  • Tie-dye

The kids might have been rocking tie-dye for the last few years, having made their own creations in the garden on sunnier days. But now it’s time for mums to adopt the tie-dye look.

According to Wear Next, tie-dye patterns will be seen on dresses, short and shirt combos, and all manner of accessories, so don’t let the kids have all the fun with this trend!

For an abstract print scarf that will look great this summer, take a look at our collection.

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