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Top Scarf Style Ideas This Summer

As we emerge from spring and start to enter the glorious summer months, the focus of styling and expression turns to our accessories.

As a result, an abstract print scarf is not only an amazing practical addition if the weather is not as glorious as we hope, but also is quite possibly the most versatile accessory that you will find, and can be worn as part of so many different looks.

Here are just a few style ideas to put your scarf to use this summer.

Scarf Top

Starting with a look that is completely on-trend if the billion TikTok views are any indication, scarf tops have becomes another in a long line of exceptionally popular fashion hacks.

The standard look involves a triangular-shaped top with a lot of excess material, but there are many different combinations of knots to try as you improve your skills and change your silhouette.

As your look relies heavily on your knot-tying skills, be sure to test it out a few times at home before you try it out and about.

The Bandana Revival

We have wondered for years when Y2K fashion would make a comeback, and the return of the early 2000s staple is a great way to add a retro edge to your look if you are not quite ready to welcome back the tube tops, cargo pants and garish colours.

It is also the most practical way to wear a scarf during particularly warm days as a replacement for a sun-shielding hat or cap.

The Silk Scarf

From the return of a trend to a look that is timelessly iconic, the silk neckerchief takes any outfit and makes it extraordinary.

The key to maximising the look is simply to make it big. Wear a relatively simple underlayer and pair your scarf with a huge blazer or suit jacket to complete a grandiose look.

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