Why Get A Scarf In Summer?

Now we are into May, just about everybody will be delighted to turn off the heating, both because the weather is warming up and doing so will cut down on those increasingly expensive heating bills.

Indeed, the months ahead will be increasingly spent outdoors and in broad daylight as the nights get shorter and the sun - at least on some occasions - makes a welcome and warming appearance.

In such circumstances, it is likely that most people will not be thinking about buying an acrylic scarf, or any other items of warm clothing. Instead, attention will be fixed on shorts, swimsuits and sunhats.

Yet there are some very good reasons that you might want to buy a scarf in the next few months after all.

Firstly, while it might be sunny here, you or whoever you buy the scarf for might be heading somewhere colder on holiday this summer.

A trip to see the Midnight Sun in Arctic Scandinavia may be one example, while the fact that countries like New Zealand and Australia have recently opened up to tourists again after their Covid exile means people making long-awaited visits will be experiencing their southern hemisphere winters.

For example, the south island of New Zealand is very chilly in winter, lots of places in southern states of Australia can get snow, and many homes down under are simply not geared up for cold weather.

Summer birthdays are another obvious reason. True, it might seem more appropriate to buy a June baby a scarf for Christmas, but that would mean them feeling the chill without it through autumn and most of December. So why not give them something they will love and a head start on beating the cold when the nights draw in and the leaves start falling?

With summer coming, everyone like to imagine it will always be long days of sunshine and warmth. But we all know the reality is different. So why not get a stylish scarf now and be ready for what lies ahead?

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