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Wrap Up Warm And Still Look Stylish

The winter weather is still lingering on, with most of us having become used to snow, ice and wind over the last couple of months. But for the style-conscious among us, this doesn’t mean we have to hide underneath a blanket coat and ski gloves until the spring, as there are still ways you can look fashionable when it’s chilly outside.


Scarves serve a purpose in winter to keep us warm and, in the summer, to look stylish. So, why not combine the two? Choose a luxury wool scarf with a pretty design that will help lift your outerwear, as well as prevent your neck from feeling the cold breeze.

Don’t save your stylish accessories for warmer days when you don’t need them to cover you up as much.

Wool fedora hat

It is certainly tempting to slip on a thick bobble hat on weeks like this when the temperature has plummeted to below zero and many areas of the country are covered in snow.

However, there are many other styles of hat that are just as warm and might make you feel a little more fashionable. For instance, why not slip on a wool fedora hat, as recommended by Glamour Magazine?

Wool-blend coat

When it comes to stylish winter coats, look no further than Abercrombie & Fitch’s wool-blend mod coat, which will complement a wintry snow scene perfectly.

Alternatively, faux fur coats both look stylish and will trap plenty of heat in when you’re out and about this winter.

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